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Who are the Little Miramirians?

They are unusual creatures, children of planet Miramir. They have magic powers but haven’t yet fully mastered the art of controlling them. That is why little miramirians go to a magic school, and exciting things happen to them every day.

Velas (Aveda, Wiselight, Theokan) is the little miramirians’ teacher. As his name suggests, he is very wise. Although Velas is hundreds of years older than all miramirians, he is brave and decisive. He is a man of profound knowledge, well-travelled around the Universe and speaking many of its languages, calm, at peace, in control of his emotions and very skilled with weapons.

Velya is a good-hearted ball of energy with a lovable sense of mischief. He is always on the move, running around - that’s where he gets his name from. He is swift and inquisitive, upbeat, a good and loyal friend, makes acquaintances easily and is eager to learn new things.

Milo is strong, very kind and charmingly chubby. He is not much into studies or intellectual stuff though. His superpower is tremendous strength. His favorite things-to-do are: hugging and feasting on cookies. He is the biggest of all his miramirian friends.

Ta-ta, Tatochka (Tatomira) is a girl-miramirian. She is curious, agile and a bit naïve, she has an inquiring mind and loves to meet people. But her curiosity can get her into trouble: sometimes she finds herself in weird situations because of it. Although she is the youngest of all, she is a real little whirlwind.

Ladushka – her name is an allusion to an ancient mythical Slavic name Lada. A sweet kind little miramirian girl. She is romantic, affectionate, sensible and gentle, but also brave and adventurous. She will always lend a helping hand and offer comfort. Her superpower is being able to generate kindness and positivity. She loves hugs and holding hands. She’ll often say “Lay your hand in Lada’s!”

Seva (Short for Svamir) is quite nerdy. He loves to read, make meticulous plans, invent things, think over and solve problems. He is a bit absent-minded and often bumps his head into something, no wonder – as his mind is on other things, working hard! He loves a good argument and getting to the heart of the matter.

Vlada is a unique flying creature, a means of transport for the little miramirians. It is a big whale-like fish. Vlada can talk, and move in space and time. It’s funny and kind.

People from planet Earth

Mira and Mirick (Mitya, Misha) – 8-9-year-old twins. They are the main characters in the story. Mira is a kind-hearted and cautious girl, very smart and compassionate. Mirick is a bold and daring boy who, to his regret, often acts before he thinks.

Max is the owner of Magic Antiquities Shoppe. His role in the story is one of a Messenger, someone who leads the characters to their path of adventures. It is from him that the children received the artifacts –a magic book and a locket – by activating which they got in touch with the world of miramirians.

Mirick’s and Mira’s Parents

Dad Michael. He is a knowledgeable, intelligent, strict but kind man of around 37. He has the qualities of a real man. Michael takes interest in antiquities and history. Like Mila, he believes in magic.

Mom Marina. She is a kind, loving, beautiful woman in her 30s. She keeps her house neat and comfy. She is a wonderful homemaker, an inspiration for her husband. A wise understanding mom. Likes writing and keeping records in various pads and notebooks, readily offers help and advice.

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