We at Miramir believe that change begins with the person we see in the mirror. And by surrounding yourself with likeminded people who lift you up, and help you grow as a human being, you can reach your highest potential. Miramir is more than a company, it’s a vision for a better future, and our family of changemakers has come together to make that vison come true. We thank you for joining us, and we hope you can leave your mark on the future with us.

Velimir Sidorov

Founder and CEO

Author of four books about natural healing, alternative therapies, fasting and raw foods, Velimir was born in Ukraine, and emigrated to Canada in 1995 where he studied Kinesiology in York University (Toronto). He is a certified NLP Practitioner, studied traditional massage, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and accupressure (Barral Institue, California). Velimir has been practicing traditional Slavic martial arts, and has attended various health and healing seminars across the world, including survival camps, healing fasts, meditation retreats (Vipassana) and many others.

Velimir is an avid musician and plays guitar and djembe, and since his early 20's has been interested in Ayurveda, ancient Vedic traditions, Vedic and contemporary psychology, the esoteric, sacred geometry, ancient civilizations, permaculture, and various healing and spiritual practices. Velimir has studied the Montessori method and worked at a Montessori kindergarten, was a camp counselor for a children's summer camp, worked as a personal trainer, and now is a health and wellness coach to people from all across the world. Since 2006 he has been traveling and living in some amazing places spanning Europe, Russia, India, Nepal and Tibet.

In 2012 Velimir started the viral Indiegogo campaign which raised over $700,000 for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein of New York. Later that year, Velimir began developing Miramir after witnessing a need for a social network and portal based on freedom, truth, and privacy.

• • •

Mike Sidorov

Marketing guru

Marketing guru, designer, author, programmer, loves computers and cares about our planet. Lives a green lifestyle and is a father of two. Mike and Velimir are a brother team, working together in the development of Miramir and their ICTM health business which has allowed over 100,000 people from over 47 countries to heal their metabolic diseases, lose weight and transform their lives. When not working for a good cause, you may find Mike making a mean green smoothie, and spending time with his wife and two kids.

• • •

Viktor Fokeev

Video producer

As a child, he wanted to either become a designer, a lawyer, or make movies. And one way or another, all of those came true. Victor loves travelling and taking part in exciting adventures, anything to clear the mind and inject his projects with creativity. He takes frequent trips to the Himalayas, India, and Asia which infuse his creative spirit with new ideas. His passions lie in movie making, yoga, meditation, the esoteric, as well as his never ending desire to learn the truth about our world. As someone once said, «Walk and you shall reach,» which is something the Miramir team does every day.

• • •

Tatyana Arhipova

Motion designer

Tanya is a Kiev native who has a Masters degree in Multimedia and Electronics. Her active, positive and kind nature has flowed into all her projects and she never settles for the ordinary. Tanya was a volunteer at the International Students Organization for over 3 year and is a passionate artist, dancer, and designer. During university she fell in love with graphic and video design which allows her to use moving images and stills to spread uplifting and informative messages for the good of humanity.

• • •

Aleksandr Buryak

Ui designer

Multidisciplinary designer and artist with an eye for innovation and perfection. Aleksandr's skill set is vast, but his greatest expertise revolves in the field of Ui and Ux design. His passion combines experience from various fields and a thirst for creativity to create designs that match the simple harmony of our world.

Since he started his life path as a musician, this other artistic side helps fuel his inspiration and design rhythm, while allowing him to see things from another perspective. When he joined team Miramir, he felt a new wave of inspiration embrace him, as this project is an opportunity to create something for the benefit of our planet while creating and implementing brave and daring ideas.

• • •

Vasily Bilyk


Vasily showed interest in the performing arts at a young age, and took part in theatre productions throughout school. He knew his passion lay within the film industry where he explored journalism, videography, acting, directing, and anything else even remotely associated with film and production. After graduating with a degree in filmmaking, he began shooting short stories, then working as a director for one of the biggest TV channels in Ukraine, but this did not fulfil him as the programming was not geared towards anything wise or conscious. He joined Miramir to pursue his true passion of cinema to make films for the betterment of humanity.

• • •

Ivan Andrianov

Photographer, operator

Photographer and a videographer, he thrives in extreme environments. And while he still has to carry a real camera around with him, he has always wished he could have one built right into his eyes.

Ivan loves mountain biking, from which he learned things like dynamics, contrasting feelings and emotions, a thirst for the unknown, and a drive towards self improvement. These concepts have become the foundation for his vision during the filming process. He doesn’t just shoot, he feels every shot, the depth and emotion in front of the lens which passes ever so quickly. With the help of his camera he is able to bring things that have already passed to present again, even if just for the same fraction of time. Together with the Miramir team, Ivan wants to use his camera lens to show others, that the only way they can become a better person, is if they make the world better themselves.

• • •

Anastasia Mykytiuk

Member position

Anastasia has been a creative person all her life, from her early days in sport and dance, her passion and drive to create things and do things for the good of the planet grows each and every day. She believes information has the power to change thoughts, which can change habits, and then change a life, and that is why she took the challenge to create and share powerful and exciting content with the followers of Miramir.

• • •

Gina Dubova

Project manager

Ginas strong and bold personality drives her to work on many projects at once within Miramir. Her love for organization and project management has taken her on many paths in her life, and once she joined team Miramir, she felt like she found her calling.
Miramir is not just a social network, it’s a team of incredibly talented, creative, and ambitious people, that want to change the world, and she feels fulfilled being a part of this journey.

• • •

Svetlana Kozlova

Project manager

Svetlana has an engineering and psychology background, making her ucanny abilities to gather and make sense of information shine. Her quick wit and love for logic make managing projects a breeze. When not in the office she loves conquering double black diamond slopes on her snowboard, make hand made creations, and eat veggie burgers.

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