Velimir Sidorov

Author of four books about natural healing, alternative therapies, fasting and raw foods, Velimir was born in Ukraine, and emigrated to Canada in 1995 where he studied Kinesiology in York University (Toronto). He is a certified NLP Practitioner, studied traditional massage, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and accupressure (Barral Institue, California). Velimir has been practicing traditional Slavic martial arts, and has attended various health and healing seminars across the world, including survival camps, healing fasts, meditation retreats (Vipassana) and many others.

Velimir is an avid musician and plays guitar and djembe, and since his early 20's has been interested in Ayurveda, ancient Vedic traditions, Vedic and contemporary psychology, the esoteric, sacred geometry, ancient civilizations, permaculture, and various healing and spiritual practices. Velimir has studied the Montessori method and worked at a Montessori kindergarten, was a camp counselor for a children's summer camp, worked as a personal trainer, and now is a health and wellness coach to people from all across the world. Since 2006 he has been traveling and living in some amazing places spanning Europe, Russia, India, Nepal and Tibet.

In 2012 Velimir started the viral Indiegogo campaign which raised over $700,000 for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein of New York. Later that year, Velimir began developing Miramir after witnessing a need for a social network and portal based on freedom, truth, and privacy.