About Miramir

Miramir was born out of an idea for change.
That, united for something bigger than themselves, people can change the course of the future. To bring humanity into a new world of love, unity, and abundance.

Miramir is for

Privacy fighters and change makers, activists and advocates, yogis and vegans, meditation enthusiasts and sacred geometry followers, preppers and alternative news readers, raw fooders and health conscious individuals, urban gardeners and alternative technology lovers, the kindness deeders and peace promoters of the world.

But, there is a shift happening right now, which is slowly changing the way information is flowing online. Internet has turned from a free and open space to something of a means to promote a specific agenda.

We need change

For the world and humanity to thrive, there needs to be an open and transparent platform where ideas, events, and people can come together and build upon each other for the sole goal of making ourselves and our earth healthy and fulfilled. Lies and greed have shown that they can only take us one way, the way of destruction.

I believe in a free world where people are free to think, dream, create, love and communicate without oversight from any entity, where ideas are not manipulated, where information is pure and comes from truth.


Because the future needs more free thinkers, the doers, and creators. The future where privacy is respected, where information is free flowing and uncensored, and your data is not sold or given away to anyone. And that future, i believe, is now. This moment, this new internet, is our chance to keep our online privacy and freedom alive and share and connect the way you want, with whom you want, how you want.

You are the signal, you are the beacon.
Join us, and lets show the world that we want change!