Miramir Mobile App

Miramir Mobile App

Who could have thought just a couple decades ago that a portal to another universe will fit in your pocket – in the form of a mobile device? How cool is that?

Getting to the Miramir universe will be possible from any place at any time, all you need is an Internet connection. That’s because our programmers have developed and successfully tested a new mobile application for our social network of the future! Changing the world, self-improvement and keeping in touch with like-minded people have never been easier. Just a few clicks – and you are in Miramir! That’s what the new application will look like:

Sober bash in Moscow

While we are working on developing our virtual universe, we keep in mind that nothing beats the joy of real-life human interaction. That is why another sober party of ours called Vega Party in da House just took place in Moscow on October 21-22. Why such a name? Because it was almost like a house party – set in an impressive mansion with a swimming pool and a hammam. Music and dancing, workshops and classes, healing practices, games and contests left no room for boredom. All this without a single drop of alcopoison and with lots of yummy and healthy vegetarian food. Check out some of the party pictures below:

If you missed the Sober Party or wish to renew the experience as soon as possible – follow our news closely! More events like this are definitely coming in the future in different parts of our country.

Stay with Miramir!