Miramir Art Space - The place for cooking parties, courses and workshops

Miramir Art Space - The place for cooking parties, courses and workshops

Miramir Art Space is rumored to hold the coziest vegan cooking parties in Moscow! And you know what? These rumors are absolutely true! Just recently we had Inna and Kyril Usoltsev ‒ founders of a vegetarian cooking studio ‒ in our kitchen. Not only did they create some culinary masterpieces, but also a unique heartwarming atmosphere. And of course they shared their knowledge of healthy eating and the ways different foods affect our bodies.

We will keep talking about healthy food at our Art Space. In fact, not only talking but tasting and enjoying it as well ‒ be sure to keep an eye on our news and notifications!
What’s even more important for human health than eating the right food? That’s right, drinking the right water!

We have all been hearing about living and dead water since our childhood. A lot of people think that it’s just a fairy tale. Nothing of the kind! In early September we had Aleksey Yegorov, a specialist in eco-technologies who had been studying drinking water quality issues for 3 years, give a lecture at our Art Space. He told us how serious diseases could be treated with ionized water and how to generate such water using advanced technologies.

Guests of this unusual event had also brought along the water they drank regularly and we checked its quality together with Aleksey. It was a real eye-opener! The water we consume every day is often quite dangerous for our health!

The two hours of Aleksey’s lecture “On living and dead water” just seemed to fly by in an instant. The audience now knows for sure that the famous phrase about water being the basis of life is not just fine words!

We have a lot of interesting, exciting and informative meetings and events coming up at our venue. Welcome to Miramir Art Space!

Stay with us, let’s make some change!